26 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World Of 2019


20. Alexandra Daddario

Date of Birth: March 16th, 1986
Place of Birth: New York City, USA
Profession: Actor
Although she is famous for her appearance as Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson film series and many other roles in movies, what keeps her etched in the memory of audiences are her drop-dead gorgeous big blue eyes. Daddario’s eyes are sure to remind one of a calm ocean which can burst into chaos anytime.

19. Kareena Kapoor

Date of Birth: September 21st, 1980
Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
Profession: Actor
Green eyes in South Asian women is fairly uncommon, but then nothing about our very own Begum of Bollywood is remotely common. Kareena’s striking green eyes, ethereal beauty and an attitude that any woman would possess, makes her the true diva of our generation.


18. Milla Jovovich

Date of Birth: December 17th, 1975
Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine
Profession: Model/Actor
A modeling career that started as early as the age of 7, is reason enough for you not to take your eyes off Jovovich’s beauty. Her peepers is a striking shade of green that much like her magnetic personality, lingers on in the heart of her fans.



17. Emilia Clarke

Date of Birth: October 23rd, 1986
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
Profession: Actor
Make way for ‘Khaleesi’ people, The Mother of Dragons is next on the list. I have to admit that I am seriously biased towards the sheer work of art Clarke is. Immortalizing her on-screen persona of that of a fierce queen on a mission, Daenerys Targaryen, in probably the biggest hit in television history ‘Game of Thrones’ , this beautiful actress, apart from an acting prowess that would put seasoned actresses to shame, is in possession of one of the prettiest pair of peepers. A gorgeous and sparkly shade of green, her eyes are probably enough to win every heart in the seven kingdoms.


16. Scarlett Johansson

Date of Birth: November 22nd, 1984
Place of Birth: New York City, USA
Profession: Actor
Fierce and powerful, sweet and gorgeous, Scarlett’s personality and versatility as an actress are reflected in her beautiful green eyes. From wowing and shocking with her award-winning performances, her eyes along with her charismatic personality lands her on every possible most desired list.

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