26 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World Of 2019

25. Katie Holmes

Date of Birth: December 18th, 1978
Place of Birth: Ohio, USA
Profession: Actor
Over the years, Holmes has given us unforgettable roles and awe worthy appearances, but we are still far from over her. It might be her incredible screen presence, divine good looks or her 1000 megawatts smile, we are inclined towards believing that it is her striking hazel eyes make her a timeless diva that refuses to leave our hearts.


24. Cobie Smulders

Date of Birth: April 3rd, 1982
Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
Profession: Actor
Smulders, or Robin Scherbatsky, as fans of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ would know her, is not just a feisty personality on and off screen or an actress par excellence, but in possession of beautiful eyes as blue and deep as the oceans. Ted and Barney, we totally understand. With those looks and them eyes, anybody could be hooked on to her for ages.


23. Kristen Stewart

Date of Birth: April 9th, 1990
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA
Profession: Actor
Kristen Stewart, or Bella, as we more popularly know her as, has beautiful naturally green eyes. Stewart shot to fame with her portrayal of Bella in the teen fantasy romance series, ‘The Twilight Saga’ and have not looked back ever since. With such fine acting abilities, charismatic personality as well as those pretty and sparkly green eyes, it is impossible to resist her charms, whether you are a human or a werewolf.

22. Kate Upton

Date of Birth: June 10th, 1992
Place of Birth: Michigan, USA
Profession: Model/Actor
Known for her racy covers in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, Upton’s curvaceous body, and her blonde bombshell appearance have made her a glamor icon. Although it’s hard to tear your eyes from her gorgeous curves and beautiful blonde hair, Upton’s blue eyes are also one of the se-xiest in the world.


21. Kylie Jenner

Date of Birth: August 10th, 1997
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA
Profession: Reality TV and Social Media star.
The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, and her beauty transformation has gone through a lot of crazy phases. From colored wig to unconventional fashion choices, style comes naturally to this 19-year-old reality TV star and social media sensation. However, if there is one thing that has been constant, it is her dark brown eyes. For Kylie it’s not just about the color of her eyes, but also the beautiful shape and the mile-long lashes that land her a spot on this list.

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