Lucy From ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ Is All Grown Up…She Looks Like Now!

At the point first Chronicles of Narnia film came out in 2005, there was no doubt that little Georgie Henley was the breakout star. As Lucy, the youngest and sweetest Pevensie sibling, she encapsulated everything C.S. Lewis had been trying to say with his 1950s Christian fantasy series. But what’s her story now?

Georgie Henley was just seven years old when she was picked to play Lucy in the first Narnia film, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She loved acting, but at that point she had only ever appeared in school productions. Nevertheless, in 2005 Henley fought off competition from thousands of other girls to bag the coveted part of Lucy.

And Henley’s intelligent, mature performance as Lucy won her lots of fans. “Georgie Henley is the most endearing and expressive child actor of the millennium,” said Slate magazine, while other media outlets similarly heaped on the praise.

Such adoration would surely have turned the head of most pre-teens. But not Georgie Henley. In fact, even after she had received a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award, a Young Artist Award and a UK Kids’ Choice Award, the actress remained humble.

And after the success of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it’s no wonder that another exciting role from a classic book was given to Henley. She was picked to play the younger version of the titular character in the BBC’s 2006 production of Jane Eyre, and once again she received rave reviews.

But Henley wasn’t done with Narnia just yet. And so when Prince Caspian, the 2008 sequel to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, was released, Henley took on the role of a slightly older Lucy Pevensie.

By this point, she was 12 years old and had managed to stay in school despite the occasional challenges fame brought. “Sometimes, you do get taken the mick out of because of Narnia,” she told The Diva Review. “But you know, I don’t mind because I’m proud of what I did.”

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